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Learn Empower Act Develop

Mutual learning; Empowering others, acting in a positive way and developing into better versions of ourselves

What I believe in

Words are so powerful. They can build or destroy. They can mend or hurt. They can inspire or frustrate. It all depends on the mindset that drives the words; the thoughts that push the words in a certain direction.

I chose a growth positive mindset, and not only did I choose to enjoy it; I also chose to share it with YOU. “Sharing” of genuine thoughts and feelings that can tap into some hidden powers, create bridges and take the mind by hand to open new doors to growth.

Below are some nuggets of what inspires me, and hopefully will inspire you

How Can I Help

Inspire with words

If you are a person who prefers to read, follow my articles and the quotes I share

Inspire with videos

If you are a person who prefers to listen and watch, check my videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Inspire in person

If you are looking for an in person experience, book me for speaking events, virtual or non virtual (with public health measures respected). Customized and very well designed speeches around the following topics:

  • “We are diamonds”: Navigating crisis
  • “Define and pursue your dream”
  • “Cope with stress”
  • “Adjust and thrive in a new place”
  • “Leadership”
  • “The power in YOU”
  • “How to be a happy working mother?”
  • “Do you communicate or connect?”
  • “Sometimes we win, sometimes we LEARN”
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What People Say

Thanks for your clarifying comments. I appreciate your gift of words.


Reem gives the right impression from day one. She is deep, open minded, balanced and a DOER. She has ethics and principles that show through her attitude


This is so comforting.

Thank you .


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I get inspired by YOU. Let’s connect, I would love to hear from you.